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It is generally recommended that you find a teacher to work with on your Immersion Challenge.

There area whole bunch of reasons for this, such as...

  • Beginners will save time and frustration by avoiding known pitfalls
  • Intermediate students will benefit from the motivation and accountability a teacher provides
  • Experts get an objective perspective, which not even the most talented linguist can't get without help
  • Teachers benefit from hearing student experiences, and they use these ideas to improve the course.
  • Work with a teacher. Just do it.

Finding a TeacherEdit

There are a number of ways to go about finding the teacher.

Someone you know personallyEdit

This has advantage of creating a more personal connection and will help you integrate your German skills immediately. Unfortunately, it's often harder than you'd expect to get the people closest to you to help with language projects. Relatives, significant others, or friends often shy away because it adds a lot of responsibility to their end of the relationship. This is the ideal choice if you are close friends with an expert in teaching who wants to help you. Otherwise, seek another option.

Things to go over with your teacherEdit

It may be tempting to get right into speaking, but this is one time when I'll recommend you STOP! Think...

Do you want to pay someone to talk to you for the approximately 800 hours it will take you to reach fluency? I think not...

You actually can get most of your speaking done with language exchange partners. They are more fun and more cheap. Lots more cheap.

Your teacher's job is to help you evaluate where you are in your German education and to set your scope and sequence for your Immersion Challenge.

It's also their job to help you with your accountability

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