German Home Immersion School/Everett Tueller

Everett Tueller

This project started with the question of how to teach by immersion from home with a semi-compliant tutoring subject.

What are the most important lifesaving phrases? Is it worth it to test a student on the 3000 most commonly used words?

Allowing the student to choose the topic, but requiring all German speaking; the teacher only responds to German words

Projects: Singing/Rapping Brain Soaking German Station Apples to Apples Duolingo Fluency

HW – Duolingo lessons basic and The soak in german rap for 30 minutes work towards 50 flash cards (noncompliance)

January 10th

New goal – watching a soccer game and understanding and talking about it in a Derby

homework – Duolingo, one new lesson and one old one

January 19th

Watching 1:15-3:15 of the Bayern game and translating

Moved to translating soccer podcast because Bayern Munchen game was working off really bad subtitles.


Start having him translate words a few at a time out of his memory first he can have 10 minutes devoted to anything he’s willing to ask about

26.3.2017 Adding a technique using social media; expressing oneself in comments on

concerns about both grading the challenges and making them relevant. Also,

Checking media post, follow the whole funnel, grading on the accuracy of the gloss

(asked to be assigned more so he'd do the minimum. Seemed genuinely interested in his own accomplishments, to a small degree)

instagram post and 2 podcast translations


Switching to Apples to Apples, Curve balls/convos and Fifa as a stretch


209/270 - %80

152/210 - %72

The key is to express oneself. The principle they use is speak from day 1. Can we design a goal that you can reasonably try to accomplish in one meeting that will challenge you but not make your brain explode.

15 minute German only time limit

What is a way you can practice speaking everything? Perhaps accomplishing a simple goal? Like baking a cake or getting onto the same channel? Getting an answer to certain questions?

I spy


getting things you want

I spy


20 Deutschland Questions

turn based

break the sugar bowl




Game Time: 30 minutes

Apples to Apples (blind) - 20 Q's - Puzzle -

300 points for pronouncing questions.


Apples to Apples link

Jon's Game Minutes Cost = 100

+10 for pronunc. challenge

3400 total


+117 punkte

3517 Total

Naechste mal, Aussprache von Vokabelnwoerter und neue Fragenherausforderung

50 punkte pro Frage


Ich bin Englishtaub

Fragen - Ich kann die Fussballheldenkonto nicht sehen, denn ich muss die Folgen, ich habe daran gefragt und muss warten.


Neue Vokabeln - 2 worter - auswählen

Apfel zu Apfel Blind - speed, relevance, entertainment value, blindness (scoring system?)

Making Crepes





Der Pfeffer


Das Oel

Die Karotte

Die Bohne

Das Hähnchen


Der Schneebesen


Der Topf

auf der Hitze

Mehlschwitze - Roux



+670 for words on the 14th


just word challenges


go for first time word readings to double score


Grimm Fairztales

Kannst du nicht schlafen kleine bär

Janosch wie schän ist panama


kleine prinz

Ich helfe gern

kleine hase