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Geography/Capital cities

We will begin our study of geography by reviewing some important countries and capitals around the world.

Most famous capitalsEdit

These capital cities, which are among the best known and most important ones, are listed in alphabetical order. You should already know these.

  • Argentina: Buenos Aires
  • Australia: Canberra
  • Brazil: Brasilia
  • Canada: Ottawa
  • China: Beijing
  • Egypt: Cairo
  • France: Paris
  • Germany: Berlin
  • India: New Delhi
  • New Zealand: Wellington
  • Russia: Moscow
  • United Kingdom: London
  • United States of America: Washington, D.C.

Less famous capitalsEdit

Now we will list some capitals that are perhaps not so well-known, but with which you should still be familiar. (Not all countries are included.) They are not in alphabetical order; the lists get progressively longer.

Continent Countries/Capitals Map
South America
  • Venezuela: Caracas
  • Colombia: Bogota
  • Ecuador: Quito
  • Peru: Lima
  • Uruguay: Montevideo
  • Chile: Santiago
South America
  • Libya: Tripoli
  • Algeria: Algiers
  • Ethiopia: Addis Ababa
  • Sudan: Kharthoum
  • Nigeria: Abuja
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo: Kinshasa
  • Kenya: Nairobi
  • South Africa: Pretoria/Cape Town/Bloemfontein[1]
North America
  • Mexico: Mexico City
  • Guatemala: Guatemala City
  • Costa Rica: San Jose
  • Nicaragua: Managua
  • Cuba: Havana
  • Haiti: Port-au-Prince
  • Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo
  • Jamaica: Kingston
North America
  • Spain: Madrid
  • Italy: Rome
  • Norway: Oslo
  • Sweden: Stockholm
  • Denmark: Copenhagen
  • Poland: Warsaw
  • Ukraine: Kiev
  • Greece: Athens
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Serbia: Belgrade
  • Thailand: Bangkok
  • Vietnam: Hanoi
  • Laos: Vientiane
  • Pakistan: Islamabad
  • Iran: Tehran
  • Saudi Arabia: Riyadh
  • Israel: Jerusalem/Tel Aviv
  • Turkey: Istanbul (Constantinople)
  • South Korea: Seoul
  • Japan: Tokyo
  • Indonesia: Jakarta
  • Philippines: Manila

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