Geography/Asia quiz

There are sometimes various names and spellings for the same place. Go with the versions/spellings that were used in the textbook, but do so before taking the quiz!


1 What is the height of Mount Everest (in thousands of metres)?

thousand metres.


People sometimes use a name that refers to both Europe and Asia as one continent. What is the name?


Just north of Tibet is a region described in the textbook as being a "dry, low-lying region." What is the name of this region?


In Central Asia, there is a lake that has largely dried up and turned into a desert. What is the name for this lake?

5 The textbook mentioned two lakes along the Jordan River. Both are referred to as seas; what are their names, and which one is to the north and which one is to the south?

1. The lake "to the north": the

2. The lake "to the south": the


In what is now Iraq and nearby countries, there was once a region that was quite wet and, therefore, was historically very important, especially in the earlier days of human civilization. It is a general term for the area; what is the term?


What is the name for the large body of water that is northeast of the Arabian Peninsula, and between that peninsula and the main body of Eurasia?

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