Geographic Information System/Results

Results in GIS relays information of the outcomes of certain tools or applications. Whenever a tool is used, you are able to see the status of that action. Results contain the output data-sets/values, the input data-sets/values, environment settings, messages, and how long the process took. The message will contain a code that will help point you in the right direction of how to fix the error. This is useful to open up a prior execution to change a few parameters and not change everything, and be able to rerun it. Or simply to know what went wrong and how to fix it.

Error Codes: If a tool is not able to run, it will pop-up with an error code, along with a message. Through the results you can access this information from a current session, or from a tool processed a few days ago. Clicking on the error code directs you to ‘Help’ pop-up and goes deeper into the error, as well as giving a solution.

How to Open: Geoprocessing > Results