Geogebra can export animations. Constructions in Geogebra can be dependent on real numbers, value sliders, angles. An animation iterates over range of values and creates for each value an image of the constructions. Automated generation of animations can be performed by Geogebra. The result can be an animated GIF. You can animate one or more numbers and/or angles simultaneously in GeoGebra. Furthermore, you can also animate dependent points that are bound to an object (e.g. distance, line, function, curve, etc.).

Graph einer Funktion (blau) und einer Tangente an den Graphen (rot). Die Steigung der Tangente ist die Ableitung der Funktion an dem markierten Punkt.

Learning Task edit

  • (GIF-Animation) Create an animation for a square that alters the size dependent on the value of the value slider.
    • The value   should represent the length of segement between two point   and  . This segment is one the 4 segments of the square.
    • construct the complete square with the points   and  .
    • export the animation
  • (Animate a Guided Construction) See Geogebra animation as guided construction and create your own.
  • (Tangent Dynamic Plot) Create the dynamic tangent in Geogebra on your own.

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