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Downstream core elements is a lecture from the biochemistry department and the genetics department. It is also part of the original research gene project.

This diagram shows the approximate placements of the core promoter elements. Credit: James T. Kadonaga.

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Quiz edit


1 Yes or No, Lower down, in relation to a river or stream following the path of a river or stream is called downstream.


2 Yes or No, The downstream core element (DCE) is a transcription core promoter sequence that is within the transcribed portion of a gene.


3 Yes or No, The core promoter elements such as DCE are trans acting elements.


4 Several promoter elements have been previously identified in eukaryotes, but those cannot account for transcription from most RNA polymerase II-transcribed

5 True or False, The downstream core elements are located in the distal promoter.


6 Which of the following is not a transcriptional characteristic of the downstream core elements?

located between nucleotides -8 and +2 relative to the transcriptional start site (+1)
in eukaryotes
TATA-less genes
a consensus sequence

7 True or False, The downstream core elements are upstream by about +40 nucleotides.


8 Which of the following are phenomena associated with the downstream core elements?

transcription of A1BG
directs activator-dependent but TFIID-independent transcription
TATA box-less promoters
transcription start site
mediator dependence
core promoter
RNA polymerase II holoenzyme

9 True or False, The downstream core elements are found in the promoter regions of about 1% of human genes.


10 True or False, The downstream core elements are most likely to occur with the Inr.


Hypotheses edit

  1. The downstream core elements (DCEs) are not involved in the transcription of A1BG.

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