Gene transcriptions/Boxes/TATs

"Some other cis-acting elements, such as pyrimidine boxes (GGTTTT) and TAT boxes (TATCCAT), are usually present in the vicinity of the GARE sequence of genes regulated by GA in cereal aleurone cells (Gubler and Jacobsen 1992; Cercos et al. 1999; Tsuji et al. 2006)."[1]

"Nucleotide and deduced amino acid of HMW-GS gene 1Bx23 [contains the] putative TAT box [TATAAAA] and CCACC sequence [CCAATT and CCAT] under double lines."[2]

"In Proteobacteria this consensus Tat box is best defined as Ser-Arg-Arg-Xaa-Phe-Leu-Lys where the arginine residues are almost invariant, the other amino acids are found at a frequency in excess of 50% and Xaa is a polar amino acid (Berks, 1996; Stanley et al., 2000). The corresponding sequence for plant chloroplast Tat substrates is Arg-Arg-Xaa-Hyd-Leu/Met where Hyd is a hydrophobic amino acid (Peltier et al., 2000). In both cases this Tat or twin-arginine consensus motif is located at the amino-terminal side of the n-region/h-region boundary [...]."[3]

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