Fundraising/Video Kiosk

In our ever increasingly technological world, there are still many people who are unable to interact because the technology is beyond their grasp. This project is an attempt to make the basic capture of video accessible to all.

This project is an important "first step" in allowing anyone that wishes to contribute a chance to do so.

The project seeks to evaluate and perfect both capture and interactive elements. Whether this be software, a software/hardware combo, or strictly hardware is to be explored.

Video Capture should be straightforward - even Youtube has a quick capture feature. But these types of technologies rely on people being able to install and configure various bits of hardware and software.

The interactive feature can be even more impressive -- and should allow technophobes to connect and interact next door or around the world.

Equipment and property neededEdit


  • Computer
  • Computer Monitor
  • Webcam
  • Interaction devices
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse


  • Touchscreen
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Cell connection
  • Bluetooth


Should be preferably, open source, secure, stable, and intuitive
  • Operating system
    • Ubuntu
    • OpenSuse
  • Other appropriate software
  • Kiosk software
  • Firefox

Project outlineEdit

Initially, would require 2-3 stations for deployment. Development can be done on these until deployed.


Wikinews, WCR, Wikipedia Weekly, Wikiversity, Wikimania

Wikiversity would like to do a "Senior living history" projectEdit

We use the Kiosk to capture stories from our older and not computer savvy generation.

Wikimania would like to do some participant feedbackEdit