What is Free education? What is Freedom and What is Education

OccupyLSE Demo - 19th March - London School of Economics

The British Coalition government have opened up new Wikipedia:Free school (England)s , the National Unions of Students want Free Education .... but are these the same or opposite things or are they altogether unrelated... or ...

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w:Free University of Berlin - estabkished in 1948 at the start of the Cold War

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Experimental situations currently underway - self organisations/ anti-institutions

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See also Open educational resources (OER) and Wikipedia:Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

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Doors barred as LSE is occupied by the Free University of London

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Separate page for further expansion on this topic: Student Occupations

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  • OccupationUQAM, Montreal 2015
    • #occupationUQAM

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