Free and open domain names

The goal of this project is to implement a system of free top level domains. One possibility is the implementation of a Firefox plugin that will forward appropriate queries to a server that will then match the query with the site's server's IP address or URL. Alternatively, with cooperation of ICANN this could simply be implemented in a rather standardized way. If there are multiple free domains then there could be different ways in which domains are allocated. There could be different rules for what is allowed on each different domain. Could this be done using some sort of peer-to-peer mechanisms?

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Project status edit

  • Looking individuals willing to work on the project
  • Sandbox Server is up and can potentially host the initial test server/backend

To-do edit

If you are familiar with Micropledge and are interested in setting up a project there for this project, please do so.

Possible allocation methods edit

  • Community consensus
  • First come first serve
You create an account and you can simply type in a domain and a forwarding address
  • Basic rules
No spam/arbitrage sites
No illegal content
  • Content under the domain under a free license CC or GFDL on some domains

Interested users edit

If you are interested in collaborating, please include you signature here (~~~)

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