Forensics/Analysis/First steps before analize the handwriting

The main basis of handwriting analysis as a science is that every person in the world has a unique way of writing. When we were all kids at school, some people learned to write based on a special notebook of calligraphy - a style of writing. To take into account our script is based depending on when and where we grew up. So at first, all of us probably wrote in a similar way to the children of our age and location. But with the passage of time, those features of writing that we learned in school – our style features - it has became the underlying method in our own handwriting. We develop individual characteristics that are unique to us and distinguish our fist and lyrics of that of another person. Most of us do not write in the way we did in elementary school. And while two or more people can share a couple of individual characteristics, the possibility that these people share 10 or 20 individual characteristics is so unlikely that many Judicial calligraphers experts would say that it is impossible.