In the voice of forensic expertise it carries out analysis, validation and transcription of voice and speech recordings.

The audio sample corresponds to a telephone recording that picks up the conversation between 2 adult individuals, male, identified as 1 speaker and speaker 2. Like it is a telephone channel recording, recording acoustic characteristics and the intelligibility of the message is limited by the bandwidth of the channel itself, ambient noise and proximity of the partners to the item pickup (microphone). There have been a total of 9 segments of voice (lengthening of vowels /a/ and/e /) samples of certain voice and dubitada for the analysis of phonation and biometric parameterization of vocal cord. Each segment has been previously edited, and isolated from the rest to further biometric analysis with the BioMet@Fore tool v 3.1

Selection of samples, biomet.

The audio sample has been digitally processed to improve its quality ¡ mitigating and minimizing noise fragments that could mask the interventions of both speakers.

Vowel segment with noise