Fire protection engineering

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Fire protection engineering is, mostly, considered as a subset of structural engineering dealing with the safety analysis of buildings and other structures to ensure protection and suggest remedy against any man made or natural fire disasters. It may cover analysis of materials according to fire provision and design of fire protected structure. Structural engineers thus have to ensure their designs satisfy building code with respect of fire protection and safety.

Fire is one of the most valuable equipment on our civilization. But nowadays it become threat for structure and human being by fire safety issue. So, as a structural engineer one must be rigid on this aspect.

Evolution of Fire Protection Engineering edit

On the early of past century, people was not much conscious about this issue. As density and land use increase geometrically with time same as all disaster people have to concern about fire safety. Increase of steel in structure and high rise buildings are the great concern on fire disaster. Short-circuit and fire from household chores are very common on any structure. So, for public benefit a structural engineer must have proper knowledge and efficiency on fire safety measures.