Film Writing edit

Any Writing fulfilling the technical needs for making a film can be called film writing.

This is not the same as normal writing.

The film writing is classified in the following catagories:




Concept edit

This is a basic story line for a film. This contains character mapping i.e. detailed description of each character and story line with various scenes expected in the film.

Screenplay edit

This is a series of scenes described as they must be shot in a film. This contains the details expected in every scene as per the scenes narrated in the story line with details of characters present in it..

Dialogues edit

This is the last stage of film writing where the dialogue writer writes the dialogues for each character.

Brainstorming edit

Interested in brainstorming ideas for screen plays? This can be good practice and learning for you, and a potential starting point for someone interested in learning to develop a screenplay. Here at Wikiversity, we learn by doing.

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