Feasibility Study Automated Cargo Flow

Scope edit


Local park or field where fire department has agreed after you fill out proper paperwork and make all necessary safety training and precautions a reality you may launch engineering model.

Desired operational scenario for launch- Preflight assembly, diagnostics, travel to Terran Test SpacePort Muroc Desert.w:Murphy's Law From simulated Ridley Mission Control Center (Concrete Blockhouse, no windows ... suitable sub is adequate distance and sandbag barrier) use teleoperation interface (Notebook computer) to drive radio controlled tractor towing launch deck containing two stage cargo stack. First stage simulated c33 (VAP version of defunct Lockheed venture supposed to follow X33 but cancelled at failure of two of four? key technologies and budget overrun) second stage is Cargo RocketCargo_Imports

Required/Desired/Results edit

  • Perform walkthrough analysis of operational scenario to verify existing technology is adequate.
  • Interconnect desktop teleoperators console to radio relay.
  • Acquire and wire extra big battery for tow truck
  • Acquire or design construck mobile launch deck .... first approximation, tiny tot toy wagon
  • research frequency and lockout procedures .... must not have accidental ignition
  • acquire or design construct and install arming sequence .... may be manual/definately manual ... wire into teleoperation console is desire future technology to increase efficience but not mission critical at this time.
  • Second stage radio triggered separation ... maybe defer for future after better with radio gear.

Milestones edit

Path Critical Suspense Date: 1 Mar 08 Sceduled Final Test Date: 15 Feb 08 CDRL (Contract Deliverable) Engineering Study Report

Schedule Risk Factors edit

  • Acquire, install and verify operational microfoundry for aluminum.
  • Need adequate cans scavenged from local town exercise thinking sessions.
  • Parental/management meddling and/or harassment - mitigating factor. Out of town for about three weeks, window of opportunity from about 10 Dec 07 to 4 Jan 08.
  • Parallel development project -- Conceptually Modeling Rental Hab or Cabin/Hotel bungalows -- Camping/day trip to Laverne Park.

Property On Hand edit

Reassignment to the project

  • Radio controlled truck -- medium small approximate 6WX6TX8L ... hmm may be awol, simulate without or purchase another

GLOP Salvage (general left over processor) space milspeak for recycling process aid or black box specification.

  • Micron Notebook/win 95

Required supplies and equipment unless stick with dry run

  • Estes Solid Rocket Motor
  • Gas Cartridge