Fashion Design/How to Dress Fashionably

1. Look in fashion magazines and notice how the models are wearing the clothes. Is the model wearing her boots over her pants or under?

2. Find out what line of clothes it is. Are the clothes the Juicy Couture's Spring fashion line or are they the Autumn Fashion line? Usually, it doesn't really work when you wear autumn clothes in Summer.

3. Find your inner fashion designer. What colors clash and what colors work like two peas in a pod. Sometimes you can put an outfit together by taking a picture of you, draw clothes, and cut them out and see if they look good on your "paper doll self."

4. Ask your friends. Sometimes the best ideas come from others. Ask people around your neighborhood and ask what they think the word 'fashion' means to them. Also, browse around mags and cut out the outfits that you like and paste them to paper.

5. Browse! You can get inspiration from what people are wearing. If you like a person's style, observe how they wear their certain style. If they are wearing a scarf thrown over their shoulders artfully. Imagine if you'd look good in that style. If you are ou-going, ask that person where they buy their clothes.

6. Search! Go to your fave search website such as Google or Yahoo. Go to "images" and search"supermodels."You'll get great ideas and you'll save yourself the extra money from magazines. Remember to add the date and season like,"models spring, 2007"