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    • Exhortations

Verbs edit

Exhortations edit

How would you say things like "let's verb!", "let me verb!"? For example with the verb "write"? Do you use the past participle ("nevesht") or the present particle ("nevis") for this kind of exhortations?

For the first form we use "Biyâ" (come). For the second one: "be-gozâr" (Let).

"*Let's write!" : "Biyâ be-nevis-im". "Let me write" : "Be-gozâr benevisam".

Exercises edit

Ex 1 : Quiz edit

Go to the Quiz.

Ex 2 : Memory training edit

Write out the Persian words, section by section.

Have 2 columns, clearly separated, and write Persian and English. Then cover up one column (eg. English) with paper and write the corresponding words on the paper. Then try it the other way round, cover up the Persian, and write out the words using the English as cues. This will be a little bit more difficult.

Repeat all this after an interval, the more you do it the easier you will remember the words.

If you want to add words to this page, please make sure you put them into a sentense in Lesson 2 wherever you can.

Khâhesh mikonam (You're welcome).