Extraordinary School Project/Northern Computer Center, Ghana

The Northern Computer Center, Ghana is a school being created in Tamale, Ghana by the Northern Volunteers Group[1].

The Northern Computer Center will teach students how to create intellectual property that can be traded over the Internet, further it will teach the skills to support this type of business. By trading intellectual property, information and ideas to an international audience, the people of Ghana will be able to expand into the global economic system, instead of being stuck in their currently limited economic system. They will be able to do this with a low start up cost.

By making the Northern Computer Center successful, and sharing the process that made the center successful, the idea will be able to be duplicated and expanded in other developing communities throughout the world.

Infrastructure, Systems & EquipmentEdit

In order to be successful several systems will need to be in place.

Technological InfrastructureEdit

Computer SystemsEdit

The school will attempt to have computers donated from American schools that are discarding their older systems. The cost of shipping the computers to Ghana will need to be addressed.


The location of the school has electricity. The electrical system uses 230 Volts [2] Most computers have a switch on the power supply that will allow for this voltage. Computers sent from America will need to have different cords. How to get these cords will need to be determined.

Internet ConnectivityEdit

The location of the school does not currently have Internet Connectivity. But there are several Internet Cafes located in Tamale[3]; work can be transmitted via the Internet in batches from these locations.

Economic and Financial Systems RequirementEdit

Reliable Banking SystemEdit

Barclays Bank has a branch office in Tamale.[4] Given that Barclays is a reputable multi-national bank, they should be capable of having funds transfered from other countries, or from systems such as PayPal. The startup cost for an account is approximately $100.

Further Western Union can deliver money to Ghana. There is approximately a $15 transfer fee[5] in addition to a minor exchange rate charge of approximately 1/2%[6].

Standard Accounting Training & ProceduresEdit

It is important that the Northern Computer Center has good accounting abilities, and follow standard accounting practices. To help this, accounting principles should be taught with spreadsheets using applied academic methodologies.


The current goal of the Northern Computer Center is to train students to be capable of selling intellectual property over the Internet. The goal is to help every student be capable of being independent in their efforts, or choosing to work together in an organization. The school will use an applied academic curriculum where traditional academics such as language, math, etc will be taught through teaching the specific skills needed to create and sell intellectual property. The curriculum will be based upon a subset of the Systems And Tools Educational Model.

Math (Numbers)Edit

Mathematical concepts will be taught through teaching about accounting, and financial topics, which will be taught through the use of a spreadsheet program.

English (Communication)Edit

English will be initially taught through transcribing English language audio files from the Internet into text using a word processing program. More advanced English will be taught by creating sales letters, emails, and other type of professional communication, and through using English to write stories and other intellectual property in English that can be published and sold through the Internet.

Graphic Design (Art)Edit

Graphic Design and Art will be taught through teaching how to create graphics that can be placed on to clothing or items, and sold on the Internet. This will be taught through the use of a Graphical Image Manipulation Program.

Systems ThinkingEdit

Systems thinking will be taught throughout the entire curriculum so students can see how different systems they participate within, such as the international economic system, or the pop culture system of America, work, and how they can utilize these systems. This will be taught using software capable of diagramming.


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