Evaluation Theories/Weeks 7: Evaluation Across Disciplines (Guest speakers)

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Katie Falon; Ass. Dir. Evaluation (for 5-C’s?) Developmental

Moora Harrington; COO & VP of COnsulting for Center for NOnprofit Management - Alumn 1995

Nasi - Senior Reserach Fellow; Director of MA in Educational Evaluation Education

Jake Assistant Professor of Public Policy CGU

Ashaki Jackson Independent Evaluation COnsultant Trained with Dr. Alan Amodo; Social Psychology

13:11:04 - Moora Harrington

13:41:01 - Questions from peo ple?

14:10:52 - summary by Tiffany

14:31:50 Maura breakout -

15:04:41 - Midterm - Feedback on evaluation

15:07:32 -