Evaluation Theories/Week 3: Evaluation Theory Components

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Week 3: edit


  • 1. Paradigm activity
  • 2. Group Activity: “Good” Theory
  • 3. Group Activity: “Applying the Framework”
  • 4. Preparing for debates

J: Tree should be swimlanes with Size of circle (in each) showing body of work and color showing influence; – 

Components of a Good Theory edit

13:39:57 -

- A good Program Evaluation Theory;

Knowledge edit


Shaddish ; frameowrk edit

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Preparation for Theorist Debates: edit

  • 1. Use a range of resources - Emphasize later writings maybe; Roots & Shaddish are helpful but not primary source. (Read original material) - Reference lists for those books are your guidebook for the theorists.
  • 2. Use textbook to find references
  • 3. Meet with others to talk through answers
  • 4. Take extensive notes
  • 5. Consider strengths and weaknesses in light of today’s lecture
  • 6. Make sure you read up on the other 3 theorists on your panel.

Role of stakeholders:

You will be called upon on the spot to answer questions; - If you pass the buck that becomes the person who participated at the time:

What’s the format of the debate?

- Come in in the persona of the person; “I believe” - sit in groups with your theorist; then we will pick numbers for questions: (J: this is like a talk show. . . quiz show. . .) like “(J: information recall) - - 2nd half: Ask questions; Back and forth . Sharing out / argueing / a little debate.

7 Questions:

(J: So this is a quiz show with a discussion....)