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One must consider that the perspective of technical details that core software engineers and scientist work on may seem, to the editors and the audience, a bit unrelated to the bigger picture at the end-user perspective. For example, while general Internet users are now hyped over Web 2.0 experiences, there are fundamental changes that have occurred to move into Web 3.0, yet even the term Web 3.0 hasn't really been defined. If you try to use the term Web 3.0 to describe any particular concept, you probably will be noted as an inventor of the term. One thing that is known is the security issues, and that the Semantic Web, a highly marketed buzzword for what the Internet "was", won't be Semantic Web 3.0.

In fact, the Internet as based on IPv4 addresses has already started to switch to IPv6, which is considered in Web 3.0. What Wikipedian admins knew about IPv4 will no longer be true with IPv6 addresses. While the end users of today work still work with IPv4, the engineers and scientist of today have already taken IPv6 under wing. The terminology and concepts used are also different. The typical client/server models of old do not exist in what has already started for Web 3.0. That affects many privacy issues. That also affects how to convey the concepts between these two perspectives, and it is part of the SDLC continuum. For today's core engineers to explain issues in Web 2.0 terminology, it is like being in a time machine and going back in history to give a speech, and not only that, but also "reinventing" terminology that is narrow to a specific issue.

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Among the policies being discussed at the English Wikipedia, there are some that propose limiting BLPs to identified biographers who have established their credentials and their understanding of and commitment to meet or exceed the ethical principles applicable to writing biographies of living persons.

MediaWiki sofware would need to be able to recognize which authors have met the minimum professional requirements to contribute to mainspace biographies.

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