Environmental Science

This learning project introduces the interrelationship between humans and the environment. Topics include the scientific method, ecosystems, biodiversity, energy sources, natural resources, conservation, pollution, and population dynamics.[1]

This outline follows a typical introductory college-level environmental science course.

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Recommended resources:[2]

Lesson Topic Reading
1 Scientific Method ck12.org: Scientific Method & Modeling
2 Energy and Ecosystems ck12.org: The Principles of Ecology
3 Population Ecology USG.edu: Population Ecology
4 Biodiversity OER Commons: Conservation and Biodiversity
5 Food Resources Learner.org: Genetic Improvement and Food Production

OER Commons: Food & Hunger

6 Human Population Learner.org: Population Growth and the Environment
7 Air Pollution ck12.org: Air Pollution
8 Climate ck12.org: Climate Change
9 Water Resources OER Commons: Water Availability and Use
10 Water Pollution USG.edu: Water Quality
11 Solid Waste Climate and Clean Air Coalition: What a Waste 2.0
12 Nutrient Cycles
ck12.org: Biogeochemical Cycles and Recycling Matter

ck12.org: World Biomes

13 Energy ck12.org: Energy Use & Natural Resources
14 Sustainability and Urbanization CNX.org: The Human Dimensions of Sustainability: History, Culture, Ethics
15 Environmental Health Learner.org: Other Risks

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