Enterprise Resource Planning/Project Apprenticeship

Completion status: this resource is ~50% complete.
Educational level: this is a tertiary (university) resource.

Programme edit

This is a module part of the Open Source ERP/Executive Masters course conducted by a private university.

Subject edit

ERP Project Apprenticeship - Worldwide Exposure

There is a need as well as an opportunity to jump on a growing bandwagon of online resources of both guidance and mentoring as well as business leads and employment. In a robust and dynamic community project such as ADempiere, a newbie can grow into it easily.

Objectives edit

The objectives of this subject are:

  • To work hands-on real global projects on a remote basis as apprentices
  • To network with diverse community contexts and cultures
  • To be accepted member of the Project Site and Resources

Learning Outcomes edit

On completion of this subject the students shall be able to:

  • Start working with community and commercial projects worldwide
  • Assist in the many tasks leading up to executing on their own
  • Use the project tools to communicate and manage project milestones
  • Brand themselves as contributor material

Sypnosis edit

This subject is the hands-on practical approach part to the real challenge of ERP Projects both locally and out there. Open Source allows a great opportunity as well as new dimension to manage and deliver services via the web and community. The length and breadth of true ERP is very daunting to beginners and having an apprentice program in a real community project allows at least a handy reference on where to look for things and start off.

Subject Details edit

Here the student can select different tracks of focus:

  • Documentation works which involves alot of room to contribute such as improving existing or reorganising them.
  • Bug testing and fixing those project ones particularly those in priority 9.
  • Community champion to assist other newbies in chatroom and forums.
  • Overall managing and promoting the project.

Project Track Focus edit


  • Selecting the track and mentor
  • Select the project and tasks
  • Getting on-board knowing the client
  • Establishing working mode and scope
  • Documenting progress

Role and Scope edit


  • Debugger
  • Tester
  • Documenter
  • Project Manager
  • Saviour
  • Anti-Patterns

Debugging edit

(20 hrs)

  • Bugs Selection Strategy
  • Establishing A New Bug
  • Commiting the solution
  • Tracker Documentation

Tester edit

(20 hrs)

  • Selecting Areas of Concern
  • Documenting the Test and Results
  • Documenting the Subject Matter

Documentation edit

(20 hrs)

  • Making Static Content
  • Making Audio-Visual Content
  • Editing Resources
  • Adding Sample Data and Help Screen

Netiquette edit

(20 hrs)

  • Web Culture
  • Global Cultural Norms
  • Etiquette
  • Discussion Handling
  • Flames and Poison

Reference Materials edit