Enterprise Resource Planning/Entrepreneurship

Completion status: this resource is ~50% complete.
Educational level: this is a tertiary (university) resource.

Programme edit

This is a module part of the Open Source ERP/Executive Masters course conducted by a private university.

Subject edit

ERP Entrepreneurship - Making Money Out Of Free Software

Objectives edit

The objectives of this subject are:

  • To study the various business models in the market
  • To align to the right business models for Open Source
  • To see avenues or gaps in the Open Source model to commercialise on

Learning Outcomes edit

On completion of this subject the students shall be able to:

  • Understand the commercial forces behind Open Source
  • Explore a new niche for the market that is viable and sustainable
  • Strategise collectively and leverage with market players
  • Foresee any risks and work out contigencies

Sypnosis edit

This subject examine how players make money with Open Source today. It explores the opportunities for the students to partake in.

Subject Details edit

Different Models edit

(20 hrs)

  • Fun Model - Story of Craiglist
  • Hobby Model - Story of Wikipedia
  • Brand Model - Story of Linux
  • Money Model - Story of RedHat
  • Services Model - Reinventing IBM

Exit Strategy edit

(20 hrs)

  • How Venture Capital works
  • How to protect a nudist colony
  • Branding Human Capital
  • Captive Market

Micro ISV Strategy edit

(20 hrs)

  • Doing everything yourself
  • MBA Crash Course
  • Marketing
  • Image
  • Clustering and Cloud Market

Charging Model edit

(20 hrs)

  • Per Hour or Per Day
  • Flat Rate or Piecemeal Package
  • Long term and micro transaction
  • Negotiation Strategy
  • Calculating the Sales Funnel

Business As Usual edit

(20 hrs)

  • Market Normalcy
  • Packaging
  • Service Contract
  • Warranty Clauses
  • Help Desk
  • Phone Support
  • On Site Service
  • Repair and parts

(to be cont'd)