Enterprise Resource Planning/Application Setup

Completion status: this resource is ~50% complete.
Educational level: this is a tertiary (university) resource.

Programme edit

This is a module part of the Open Source ERP/Executive Masters course conducted by a private university.

Subject edit

Enterprise Resource Planning Application - Subject Matter and Workshop

The challenge of an ERP Application is more of a grasp of differing concepts first before anything else. It is a spectrum of disciplines ranging from Financials Management to Software Development. Thus the emphasis is dependant on a particular student's background. There maybe different tracks of emphasis where advanced students may proceed faster than needed. IT students may focus more on either technical or cover their blindspot with the functionals. Non-IT but related disciplines such as Accounting and Business may take the technical challenge on a survival basis and quickly return to their own discipline within the ERP Application.

The student shall go through a whole straightforward process of downloading, installing and operating the ERP application.

Objectives edit

The objectives of this subject are:

  • To download resources of an Open Source ERP application
  • To be able to setup the Application from scratch
  • To operate the business cycle and rules within an ERP

Learning Outcomes edit

On completion of this subject the students shall be able to:

  • Setup an ERP System from an Open Source project
  • Go though the standard business flows using the ERP System
  • Import legacy data into new ERP Application
  • Generate financial reports from the ERP system

Sypnosis edit

This subject allows the students to practice the setup of a raw ERP Application from a sample Open Source project from scratch. It involves practice and going through the standard steps and stages of an ERP implementation. A sharp learning curve is expected here to grasp the subject matter behind ERP and an Open Source project at the same time.

Subject Details edit

Install Application edit

(20 hrs)

  • ^1 - Download Resources
  • ^2 - Setup Environment
  • ^3 - Setup Java
  • ^4 - Setup PostgreSQL
  • ^5 - Setup Properties
  • ^6 - Setup ADempiere
  • ^6 - Launch ADempiere

Setup New Shop edit

(15 hrs)

  • ^8 - Initial Client Setup
  • ^9 - Importing Accounts
  • ^10 - Importing Master Data

Products edit

(15 hrs)

  • ^10 - Setting up and installation workshop
  • ^11 - Fast Track Methodology
  • ^12 - Planning the Basic Master Data

Business Partners edit

(15 hrs)

  • ^13 - Setting up Chart of Accounts
  • ^14 - Formating to Company Profile
  • ^15 - Running a business cycle
  • ^16 - Understanding Supply Chain

Purchase Cycle edit

(15 hrs)

  • ^17 - Importing Legacy Data
  • ^18 - Import Loaders
  • ^19 - Data scrubbing

Sales Cycle edit

(15 hrs)

  • ^20 - Changing via configurations
  • ^21 - Handling scripts
  • ^22 - Look and Feel
  • ^23 - Reporting Formats

Shipments edit

(15 hrs)

  • ^24 - Case Scenarios
  • ^25 - Product and BOM Concept
  • ^26 - Understanding Processes
  • ^27 - Understanding the Gaps

Materials Movement edit

(10 hrs)

Project Reference edit