The skills needed on an English law course, or any legal course, relate to not just your understanding of legal systems, but also to a wide range of personal skills needed to both understand the law, and to effectively apply it.

It is normal at the start of a law degree to feel like you do not possess these skills, or are not good enough at them, and you will never be good enough. But keep persevering. With practice, you can develop many of these skills yourself. Aim to incorporate regular, small bursts of practice into your daily routine, and you will hopefully start to see results quite soon.

Each skill contains suggestions on how to practice outside of a formal educational environment, but you should think of ways to develop your skills in ways that suit your individual circumstances.

Curiosity edit

This is possibly one of the key skills in a legal course, and also in a subsequent legal career. Having enquiring mind will keep you motivated to continue learning your subject, and help to stave off the boredom that many feel as they are reading what, to many, will feel like a dry and boring legal text.

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Communication skills edit

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Critical Thinking edit

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