Engineering Projects/BarCode/Howard Community College/fall2012/p2-503-at

Problem StatementEdit

Create generate a barcode that would open the picture without using the browser.

Team MembersEdit



For the barcode project we began with the QR to generate it. We then decided to use the android SDK to create an app. The primary goal is create a practical application using QR Codes and a smartphone application that reads the QR codes. We also converted the jpg. pictures into svgs to be used in the application.



We reviewed the previous teams work to determine where to start on the barcode. We also reviewed the different apps we could use to generate a barcode.From the QR code generator we generated different materials such as a phone number, text, url and a contact. But the QR code is limited with what it could convert. Before the pictures are converted it needs to be turned into a url. Through text the picture would not be generated. We then moved towards Andoids SDK to create an application. The application would download the zip file and then unzip it and copy the information to the SDK card.

Decision ListEdit

Material ListEdit

Any android phone.

Software ListEdit

QR code generator
SDK application


40 hours


Next StepsEdit

The next team should continue working on the android application.