Emergency Medicine bibliography

Bibliography, Emergency Medicine

Since Emergency Medicine covers such a wide range of topics, I have tried to include a general reading list that would suit the average student / junior doctor coming to the ED for the first time.

General Books edit

The Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine, Oxford University Press

A fantastic book that covers every aspect of day-to-day emergency healthcare

Manual of Emergency Airway Management, Wolters Kluwer

Prepared by the faculty of the National Emergency Airway Management Course, this manual is an expert, practical guide to emergency airway management in any adult or pediatric patient.

Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets (UK Version), Nancy Caroline

This is the ideal guide for UK paramedics teaching and learning life-saving responses in emergency conditions, and an essential guide for those preparing for certification or recertification.

Trauma Care edit

The Trauma Care Manual, Hodder Arnold Publications

This authoritative text on the management of victims of major trauma provides Accident & Emergency personnel with a comprehensive but concise statement of ideal management for the victims of trauma.

Interpreting Trauma Radiographs, Blackwell Publishing

Interpreting Trauma Radiographs provides a unique guide to enable radiographers and trained healthcare professionals to confidently and competently interpret and report on radiographic images.

Minor Injuries edit

Minor Injuries: "A Clinical Guide", Dennis Purcell

An authoratitive text dealing with minor injury care in the ED. Lots and lots of case studies