Elementary mathematics

Subject classification: this is a mathematics resource.
Educational level: this is a primary education resource.

External Resources edit

Online Math Resources for Elementary Students edit

This page contains links to 27 fun, interactive online games for elementary students. All of the games focus on multiplication, but many focus on other basic operations as well.

This page contains free, challenging sample math contests for students in 2nd grade and higher.

This page, from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, contains a searchable collection of 92 online math activities for students of all ages.

Interactive Mathematics activities from Kindergaten to grade 6. By Jenny Eather.

this web site has wonderfull worksheets for various maths operations. The theme based worksheets makes it interesting for kids. The answer keys provided with each of the worksheets would make it easy for both parents\teachers to check up the answers

This website looks at where and how 1,000 k-12th grade mathematics terms are used. What grade levels the terms are likely to appear in. Standards for each grade level. Some basic parameters for designing k-12 mathematics programs. The free and easy to use resource is in English, Spanish and French. By Jim Kelly.