Elementary Science K/4

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Lesson 4 - ExerciseEdit

Objective: Identify ways to exercise the bodyEdit


Drawing paper, Crayons


Write the word exercise on the board. Tell the children that the word exercise means doing activities that keep our bodies in shape. When you play kickball, baseball, soccer, or basketball, you are exercising. You are also exercising when you take a walk with a friend or run home after school. Ask the children to discuss their favorite types of exercises or activities and to tell why they enjoy them. List their responses on the blackboard.

Have the children draw pictures of activities or exercises they like to do. Children may enjoy demonstrating for the class some activities they can do.


Imitate the movements animals makeEdit


Stretch like a cat - Start on your hands and knees with your back straight. Slowly raise your back up high and hold. Lower your back until it is straight.

Fly like a bird - Start with your hands at your sides. Slowly lift them up behind you as high as you can. Bend your head down. Hold, then relax in standing position.

Yawn like a lion - Kneel, sitting back on your feet with hands on your knees. Lean forward on your knees as you open your eyes and mouth very wide. Stick out your tongue as far as you can. Hold. Roar if you wish. Relax and sit back up.

Kneel like a camel - Kneel on the ground. Rest your right hand on your right heel, and your left hand on your left heel. Raise your chest up, bend your head back, and hold. Return to kneeling position and rest.

Sit like a frog - Sit on the floor with knees bent out and the bottoms of your feet touching each other (Indian style, but with your feet touching instead of ankles crossed). Grab hold of your feet and pull them in toward your body. Gently press your knees toward the floor. Keep your back straight and hold.

Relax like a jellyfish - Lie on the ground on your back. Close your eyes. Relax every part of your body. Pretend that you are made of jelly. Breathe in and out slowly for several minutes.