Electronic Brake Control Systems Diagnosis and Repair

  • Diagnose
    • Poor stopping, Wheel lock-up, false activation, noise
    • Pedal feel and travel, pulsation

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) edit

Traction Control System (TCS) edit

Electronic Stability Control System (ESC) edit

  • Observe electronic brake control system indicator light(s) at startup and during road test; determine if further diagnosis is needed.
  • Diagnose electronic brake control system, electronic control(s), components, and

circuits using on-board diagnosis and/or recommended test equipment; determine needed repairs.

  • Bleed and/or flush the electronic brake control hydraulic system following

manufacturers’ procedures.

  • Remove and install electronic brake control system components following

manufacturers’ procedures and specifications; observe proper placement of components and routing of wiring harness.

  • Test, diagnose and service electronic brake control system sensors (such as

speed, yaw, steering angle, brake pedal position, etc.) and circuits following manufacturers’ recommended procedures (includes output signal, resistance, shorts to voltage/ground, and frequency data.).

  • Diagnose electronic brake control system braking concerns caused by vehicle modifications
    • (wheel/tire size, curb height, final drive ratio, etc.)
    • and other vehicle mechanical and electrical/electronic modifications
    • (communication, security, and radio, etc.).
  • Repair wiring harness and connectors following manufacturers’ procedures.