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Important Notes & Instructions on Answering the questions

  • The multiple choice questions are meant to test overall knowledge and literacy on basic elementary Physics. Indepth Physics required for a particular Engineering field will be dealt with during undergraduate studies.
  • Only SI units are used in this questionaire
  • Select the most correct answer of the four possible answers to each question.
  • Attempt all questions before submitting to view your results.
  • Use of calculator allowed.

Lessons in Electric Engineering Orientation
Lesson #1:
Introduction to Electrical Engineering
Lesson #2:
Introduction to Electronic Engineering
Quiz Test 1:
Algebra and pre-calculus
Quiz Test 2:
Geometry and data representation
Quiz Test 3:
Physics Science laws
Quiz Test 4:
chemical Science Processes
Entrance Courses:
Introduction to Engineering Math- MATH 090 comming soon!
Science Aptitude test1: Questionaire


A body moving at constant velocity on a horizontal plane has a number of unequal forces acting on it. Which one of the following is true?

(A) Atleast two of the forces must be acting in the same direction.
(B) The resultant force is zero.
(C) Friction between the body and the Horizontal plane is the resultant force.
(D) The vector sum of the forces causes the causes the body's velocity to increase.

2 When a lamp is connected to a 220V source, the power dissipated is P. The same lamp is connected to a 110V source. Assuming that the resistance of the lamp remains constant, which one of the following is the new power dissipated?

(A) 0.
(B) .
(C) .
(D) P.


In the circuit shown, switch S is closed and internal resistance of the battery is negligible.

How will the Ammeter and the Voltmeter readings respectively be affected if switch S is opened?

(A) Increase ; Decrease
(B) Decrease ; Decrease
(C) Increase ; No change
(D) Decrease ; No change


A car travels along a straight road. Due to an oil leak spilling at a constant rate the following pattern of oil drops is formed on the road.

During which sections did the car travel faster?

(A) AB & EF
(B) BC & EF
(C) CD & GH
(D) AB & BC


You are standing in a train carriage moving west towards your metro station. The train suddenly brakes. You will continue to move westwards due to ...

(A) The inertia of the train.
(B) Your inertia.
(C) The sum of the above inertias.
(D) The braking force on you.


Betty and Cindy each weigh 100kg and 110kg respectively on earth. They both fly to the moon on board NASA space shuttle. On-board the shuttle, their weights are measured again. Which of the following readings are the most probable results?

(A) Betty: 100kg ; Cindy: 110kg
(B) Betty: 200kg ; Cindy: 220kg
(C) They are weightless.
(D) None of the above


Betty and Cindy are now taken to the moon. On the moon their weights are measured again. Which of the following readings are the most probable results?

(A) Betty: 100kg ; Cindy: 110kg
(B) Betty: 16.7kg ; Cindy: 18.3kg
(C) Betty: 200kg ; Cindy: 220kg
(D) None of the above


A negatively charged rod is brought near two neutral conducting spheres P & Q mounted on insulated stands as shown.

P & Q are separated and afterwads the rod is removed. what will be the final charges on P & Q respectively?

(A) P: Negative ; Q: Negative
(B) P: Positive ; Q: Negative
(C) P: Neutral  ; Q: Neutral
(D) P: Positive ; Q: Neutral


Two current carrying conductors are installed in parallel as shown.

Conductor X experiences a force F. The magnitude and direction of the force which will be experienced by conductor Y is?

(A) Magnitude: F  ; Direction: Repulsive
(B) Magnitude: 3F ; Direction: Repulsive
(C) Magnitude: 3F ; Direction: Attractive
(D) Magnitude: F  ; Direction: Attractive


Two trolleys, A(3Kg) and B(6Kg) are attached to each-other by an elastic band as shown.

They are pulled apart and held at rest on a horizontal friction-less surface. After they are released , they move towards each other and collide. After the collision the trolleys will ...

(A) Move to the left and stop.
(B) Move to the left at constant speed.
(C) Stop.
(D) Move to the right at constant speed.


Which of the following statements is a correct summary of the Newton's third law of motion?

(A) For every action , there is an equal and opposite reaction.
(B) The resultant force in a closed system is zero.
(C) Kinetic energy is conserved in an elastic collision.
(D) None of the above.

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