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Important Notes & Instructions on Answering the questions

  • This Aptitude test is on Algebra and Pre-Calculus.
  • Select the most correct answer of the four possible answers to each question.
  • Use of calculator allowed.
  • Perhaps it would help you to workout all your answers on a piece of paper, then attempt the questionaire.

Lessons in Electric Engineering Orientation
Lesson #1:
Introduction to Electrical Engineering
Lesson #2:
Introduction to Electronic Engineering
Quiz Test 1:
Algebra and pre-calculus
Quiz Test 2:
Geometry and data representation
Quiz Test 3:
Physics Science laws
Quiz Test 4:
chemical Science Processes
Entrance Courses:
Introduction to Engineering Math- MATH 090 comming soon!
Mathematics Aptitude test2: Questionaire


If is a polynomial of the third degree of x and , then ...

(A) .
(B) a is a root of .
(C) a is negative.
(D) a is positive.


In the following equation , is called a discriminant. If then ...

(A) Roots are real and equal.
(B) Roots are real and unequal.
(C) Roots are real.
(D) None of the above.


Which of the following graphs represents  ?



By exponential laws the following expression can be simplified to which of the following expressions?

(D) None of the above.


is generally known as ...

(A) Phythagorus theorem.
(B) Quadratic formula.
(C) Trigonometric Identity.
(D) Gas equation.


The 1st term of an arithmetic sequence is 2 and the 15th term is 32. what is the middle term?

(B) 12
(D) None of the above


The first derivative of the function is ...



What is a local maximum of the following polynomial is ...

(A) 3
(B) 1
(C) 6
(E) None of the above


Which of the following diagrams is the correct sketch representation of the following constraints:





If the profit made made from selling X and Y is then using feasible region selected from Q9 the maximum profit will be ...

(A) .
(B) .
(C) .
(D) None of the above.

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