Egyptology/Monuments project

Introduction and Goals Edit

This project is aimed at collecting factual information to support further research regarding the development and construction of the Egyptian pyramids. It will include topics on Hieroglyphs, sculptures, bas-reliefs and other interrelated artifacts. Preliminary discussions identified some topics that required further research required to put any theory on solid footing. This is our attempt to gather and organize data for possible later use.

Specific Topics Edit

  • Timeline for development of pyramids and pyramid like structures – research indicates that before the great pyramids were built in Giza and even before the step pyramids of Saqqara were constructed, mound-like structures were constructed in Abydos. This timeline is an attempt to gain insight in the development of these fascinating structures.
  • Early Dynastic Monuments The Old Kingdom usually starts with the fourth dynasty. The monuments from the very early dynastic period are similarly interesting. This page gives an overview of known monuments (mainly from Saqqara and Abydos)
  • Development of hieroglyphic writing – the discovery of early writing on labels in a pre-dynastic tomb in Hierakonpolis pushed back the development of Egyptian writing by many years. By comparing the oldest known writing with later versions, can we make any conjectures about the development and meaning of the hieroglyphs?
  • Miscellaneous Topics and their development – there are many secondary topics that may provide insight to the meanings behind Architectural Form. Here those topics can be examined. E.g. boatpits/burials, obelisks, statues, etc.

References and Sources Edit

There are many books and articles covering the history of Ancient Egypt. This is not ment to be a complete bibliography, but merely a list of some of the most common books and articles we used in compiling the information on these pages.

Pyramids Edit

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Hieroglyphics Edit

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Other Edit

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