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What are the Hive Learning Networks? edit

The Hive Learning Networks is an initiative of Mozilla (maker of FireFox and WebMaker).

On the startpage of the website you can find the following text: We are a growing constellation of communities around the globe that are championing digital skills and web literacy through connected learning. Sof

Questions edit

  • Where do the Hive Learning Networks share information? Did they consider using Wikiversity? On 01.09.15 user Timboliu send an e-mail to someone from the Hive Learning Networks. On 23.11.15 asked if they had a change to look at my mail.
  • Why are The Hive Learning Networks interesting for Wikiversity?
  • Why is Wikiversity interesting for the Hive Learning Networks?
    • Learning to participate in a learning projects is a 21st century skill.

To-do edit

Reaction expected

  • Mark Surman:
    • Mark Surman is the executive director of the Mozilla Foundation. See Mark Surman on Wikipedia.
    • On 23.11.15 Timboliu contacted Mark Surman via LinkedIn.

2016 Q2

  • Forum:
    • You can go to and in the menu choose 'Connect'. On this page you can find a link to a forum. In August 2015 you cannot access the forum. On 31.08.15 user Timboliu send an e-mail to Simon asking when the forum will be up-and-running again. Because Timboliu didn't got a reaction he re-send the message on 23.11.15.
    • Status: on 23.11.15 the following message appears: The page you requested doesn't exist or is private.
    • When you go to and in the menu there's a link available to a forum; in August 2015 this forum is down;