Enterprise Resource Planning/Reporting

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This is a module part of the Open Source ERP/Executive Masters course conducted by a private university.


ERP Reporting - Towards Business Intelligence

Reporting is perhaps the killer app within any computerised operational system. A simple report that gives the right format for an end user particularly managerial level can be a deciding factor as to whether the system is doing its job and is highly prized.


The objectives of this subject are:

  • To appreciate the era of Business Intelligence in ERP
  • To be familiar with BI Tools and usual processes
  • To handle standard Print Formats for ERP Documents

Learning OutcomesEdit

On completion of this subject the students shall be able to:

  • Understand Reporting Needs of ERP
  • Perform some standard Printout of documents and Financial Analysis
  • Handle integration of ERP to 3rd party reporting tools
  • Modify reporting formats to professional user requirements


This subject looks into the reporting needs of an ERP System leading to Business Intelligence for the end users. Popular concepts from Master-Detail, Cross-Tab until cube drilling are exposed here. Practical hands-on skill building in preparing standard printouts.

Subject DetailsEdit

Reporting BasicsEdit

(15 hrs)

  • Printer Selection
  • Printing Basics
  • Print Formats

Document PrintingEdit

(20 hrs)

  • Orders and Invoice Printing
  • Inventory Movement
  • Payments

Advanced ReportingEdit

(20 hrs)

  • Aging Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Budgetary Reporting

Financial ReportingEdit


  • Column set definition
  • Row set definition
  • Creating Financial Analysis
  • Using Jasper Reports

Using JasperReportsEdit

(15 hrs)

  • IReports Editor
  • Parameters and DataTypes
  • Compiliing and deployment