Enterprise Resource Planning/Components

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This is a module part of the Open Source ERP/Executive Masters course conducted by a private university.


ERP Components- Modules Workshops

A capable and professional ERP implementor is often a person with real grunt work exposure with business applications. There are various differentiated applications of ERP that are sometimes diverse and unconnected to one another. Learning about such differences and how to map them as common components is a plus.


The objectives of this subject are:

  • To work hands-on various functional module workshops
  • To go through some Packaging Tools to Import/Export Modules
  • To gain experience in various ERP disciplines

Learning OutcomesEdit

On completion of this subject the students shall be able to:

  • Make use of a Packaging tool to import a real sub project
  • Recompile the projects and deploy it successdully
  • Gather more experience and exposure among the community
  • Contribute Learning Points back to the Wiki and Forums


This subject covers the important key modules and tools in an Open Source ERP project. Practical workshops for the students to gain experience using online resources and the community to achieve a satisfactory self-sufficient capability in making various modules work. The experience and confidence obtained can be applied to other technical challenges in a future career.

Subject DetailsEdit

Full Case SetupEdit


  • Sample Importer/Exporter of Packages
    • Using 2Pack
    • Using ADCK
    • Importing EDI Package

Group Project I - POSEdit

(20 hrs)

  • Project Workshop
  • Learning Points

Group Project II - CRMEdit

(20 hrs)

  • Project Workshop
  • Learning Points

Group Project III - Human ResourceEdit

(20 hrs)

  • Project Workshop
  • Learning Points

Group Project IV - Fixed AssetsEdit

(20 hrs)

  • Project Workshop
  • Learning Points

Project DocumentationEdit

(20 hrs)

  • Reviewing Wiki
  • Proposing New materials
  • Reorganising Present Materials
  • Submitting for Merit/Credit