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Here you will find resources for preparing new lessons organized by grammar topic and type of resource

Songs on grammarEdit

Songs are powerful tools for learning vocabulary, rhythm and structures, from the most simple to the most complex ones. They may relate to strong emotional and cultural or social questions that make them more prone to memorizing. Different from texts and other textbook resources, songs will be carried out from the classroom, accompanying the students on their routine.

To be - simple presentEdit

Simple presentEdit

  • Michael Jackson - Why

Present ContinuousEdit

There to beEdit

Simple pastEdit

Past continuousEdit

Simple futureEdit

Immediate futureEdit


Present perfectEdit


If clausesEdit

(would, could, should)Edit





Question WordsEdit




Some, any, noEdit

For discussionsEdit


Relevant series.
Amazing Stories (2020 TV series) -
  • Anthology
  • Fantasy
  • Science-fiction
  • Drama
Sweet Magnolias

Life dramas, overcoming hardship, powerful women, bonding.

  • Romantic drama
Relevant movies
Robot & Frank

Retired burglar forgetting things receives a butler robot.

Bonding, family, memories.

  • Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Crime



  • Cross cultural communication | Pellegrino Riccardi | TEDxBergen - Pellegrino, being a cross cultural expert, he is sharing with us his personal and professional experience about how do very different cultures can successfully coexist next to each other. Is it difficult to live in Norway, being an expat? Do you know how to establish the mutual understanding between Italian and Norwegian?


General miscEdit

  • Personal Values Free Online Test - (basic long list) Choose values that resonate with you, select values from the list.

Pre Intemediate and upEdit

Personality test for inumerous purposes

  • IDR lab Individual Differences Research - Take one of our free personality tests, many of which are based on peer-reviewed scientific research, and all of which are crafted by experts in psychometrics.
  • Emotional Intelligence Test - The Global Emotional Intelligence Test uses 40 questions which are derived from, the Global EI Capability Assessment instrument, which will generate an EI profile of your scores.
  • Emotional Intelligence Test for Leaders - A science-based Emotional Intelligence Test focused on applying emotional intelligence when leading a team or a classroom offering also a breakdown in the 4 main areas of Emotional Intelligence


Martin Luther King




Womens' Day


Grammar testsEdit

Teacher's developmentEdit

  • Teaching Knowledge Test Recommended minimum language level: Independent English language user (CEFR Level B1 and above)