EFL Interdisciplinary Projects/Speaking


Basic LessonsEdit

Who we are

  1. Who we are - Present simple / adjectives to describe personality - Create simple sentences to describe peoples's personalities. "I am artistic"

Movie analysis

  1. Stranger than fiction - How + adjectives, would. Predictions, personality analysis, inferences from text and video. Intro scene 2:38.

Pre Intermediate LessonsEdit

Lessons for the pre intermediate stageEdit

  1. B1 (Lesson name) (lesson grammar) link


Text comprehension and production based on magazine and news styles.

  1. topic -

Advanced LessonsEdit

Heading textEdit

  1. (Lesson name) (lesson grammar) link

Cooperative LessonsEdit

Speaking based on songsEdit

  1. Home by the sea - Immediate future, would. Actions, ghosts story. Genesys song.