EFL Interdisciplinary Projects/Reading and Writing


Basic LessonsEdit

Personal description

  1. Who I am - Present simple/adjectives - write simple descriptions for physical characteristics and personality.

Elementary LessonsEdit

Lessons for the elementary stageEdit

  1. A2 (Lesson name) (lesson grammar) link

Pre Intermediate LessonsEdit

Lessons for the pre intermediate stageEdit

  1. B1 (Lesson name) (lesson grammar) link

News WritingEdit

Text comprehension and production based on magazine and news styles.

  1. No son of mine - discussion and story inferences based on the lyrics of a song.

Advanced LessonsEdit

Heading textEdit

  1. (Lesson name) (lesson grammar) link

Cooperative LessonsEdit

Writing based on musicEdit

  1. Nina cried 'Power' - a historical review of the singers mentioned in the song by Hozier.
  2. Playing around with music - a variety of productions based on what music is and lyrics.

Writing based on moviesEdit

  1. MI movie analysis - an MI-based analysis of movies, covering different ways of apprehending a movie.