If you are interested in donating time and knowledge, money, land, or other resources to Wikiversity, this is the place to be.

Would you have land somewhere on Earth you might be interested in donating to Wikiversity?

All donations are appreciated. Aside from one's time, one way to contribute to Wikiversity is through monetary support. The easiest and most sure-fire way to give Wikiversity monetary support would be to donate directly to the Wikimedia foundation. Currently, systems are not setup within Wikiversity to allow for people to sponsor projects or directly support the endeavors of Wikiversity itself.

One novel situation that could potentially become reality would be for Wikiversity to reach brick-and-mortar status. It seems the fastest way for this to occur would be for a group or individual to donate some land to Wikiversity. Perhaps, if this were to occur, then participants could maintain the land in a wiki fashion...

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