Discrete mathematics in plain view

Subject classification: this is a mathematics resource.

Logic edit

- Overview (A.pdf)
- Functions (A.pdf)
- K-Map (A.pdf)

  • Logic in Haskell (pdf)

Proof edit

Set theory edit

  • Sets in Haskell (pdf)

Functions and Relations edit

  • Functions in Haskell (pdf)
  • Relations in Haskell (pdf)

Algorithms edit

  • Algorithms
- Overview (A.pdf)
- Bubble Sort (B.pdf)
- Insertion Sort (C.pdf)
- Binary Search (D.pdf)
  • The Growth of Functions (A.pdf)
  • The Complexity of Algorithms (A.pdf)

Induction and Recursion edit

  • Induction and Recursion in Haskell (pdf)

Number theory edit

  • Number Theory in Haskell

Combinatorics edit

Probability edit

Graphs edit

  • Graph Drawing in Latex (A.pdf)
  • Network Analysis using R (A.pdf)

Trees edit

  • Tree Background (pdf)
  • Tree Traversal (pdf)
  • Binary Search Tree (pdf)

  • Tree Drawing in Latex (A.pdf)

Automata edit

  • Finite State Machine (pdf)
  • Finite State Automata (pdf)
  • Push Down Automata (pdf)
  • Turing Machine (pdf)

Formal Language edit

  • Regular Language (pdf)
  • Context Free Language (pdf)
  • Recursively Enumerable Language Language (pdf)

Discrete Calculus edit

Topology edit

Operations research edit

Note edit

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