Disability Services

Although Wikiversity does not provide specific services for participants with disabilities, there are a number of adaptations that people can make that will assist them in their learning. These include the following. Participants are encouraged to add to the list as they find new strategies that are helpful.

Visual impairments edit

  • Enlarged font
  • Audiobooks
  • VoiceOver utilities

Reading comprehension difficulties edit

  • Identifying key point in each paragraph rather than trying to retain everything

Working Memory difficulties edit

  • Use of notebook or PDA
  • Breaking down large tasks into smaller tasks
  • Mastering the first step before moving on to the next
  • Use of laminated check lists
  • Mnemonic strategies
  • Reading for understanding rather than memorizing

Performance anxiety edit

Pain Problems edit

Student Discussion edit

Students with disabilities are also encouraged to form discussion/support groups with other students. Further, it will be helpful to discuss the impact of the disability on the learning experience with instructors and other students, as this may enhance the learning of everyone.

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