Digital media and democracy

There has been much discussion in the news lately about how digital media (such as texting, peer-to-peer, youtube, etc.) was used by Barack Obama's presidential campaign in 2008. The use of the internet in general has been growing in political campaigns, and Obama's use of the media is considered by most to be quite effective.

Ideas for subtopics edit

  • History of digital media in presidential campaigns
  • Presidential campaigns before digital media
  • Describe various campaigns (in the US and elsewhere) in terms of how they used and were affected by digital media
  • "Non-affiliated" activists (Wikipedia editors, YouTube, etc.)
  • How is digital media used in governance
  • What's next (pull out your crystal ball!)
  • Start an imaginary campaign (mayor of Lunar Boom Town, maybe?)
  • Think about a new political system based upon the speed and "openess" , "root" intellect of the Internet?