Digital design in electronic engineering

Syllabus edit

Simplification of functions using Karnaugh map and Quine McCluskey methods, Variable Entered Mapping, Minimization and combinational design, Combinational circuit design using Multiplexer, ROM, PAL, PLA, Design and analysis of sequential circuits, Analysis and design of Synchronous sequential Finite Sate Machine, Counters, Timing and triggering considerations in the design of synchronous circuits, Asynchronous sequential logic

Text Books edit

  • John F. Wakerly: Digital Design Principles and Practices, Pearson Education
  • Roth C H: Fundamentals of Logic Design, Jaico Pub
  • Morris Mano: Digital Logic and Computer Design, PHI
  • Taub B & Schilling: Digital Integrated Electronics, McGraw Hill

Reference Books edit

  • Morris R KL: Design with TTL Integrated Circuits, McGraw Hill
  • Lewin D & Protheroe D: Design of Logic Systems, Chapman & Hall
  • Karz R H: Contemporary Logic Design, Benjamin / Cummings Pub