DevOps/Kubernetes/Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Certified Kubernetes Administrator based on v1.15.0:

Core Concepts (13%)Edit

Configuration (18%)Edit

Understand ConfigMapsEdit

Understand SecurityContextsEdit

Define an application's resource requirementsEdit

Create & consume SecretsEdit

Understand ServiceAccountsEdit

Multi-Container Pods (10%)Edit

Pod Design (20%)Edit

  • Understand how to use Labels, Selector and Annotations
  • Understand Deployments and how to perform rolling updates
  • Understand Deployments and how to perform rollbacks

State Persistence (8%)Edit

Services & Networking (13%)Edit

Observability (18%)Edit

  • Understand LivenessProves and ReadinessProbes
  • Understand container logging
  • Understand how to monitor applications in Kubernetes
  • Understand debugging in Kubernetes

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