Decolonising History/Seeley bibliography

This is a bibliography of books by and about John Robert Seeley with link where possible.

See also the incomplete British Empire course: so far only Tudor Origins of the British Empire (1485-1603) has been developed but needs improvement

Texts by Seeley edit

Date first published Title Seeley's position Larger work? Location: Publisher Notes
1865 Ecce Homo: A Survey in the Life and Work of Jesus Christ (pdf download) Published anonymously
Seeley was professor of Latin at University College, London
London: Macmillan
1883 The Expansion of England (pdf download) Regius Professor of Modern History, Cambridge No London: Macmillan
1895 The Growth of British Policy (pdf download) Posthumously published No but includes "Memoir" by George Prothero Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
1896 Introduction to political science; two series of lectures (pdf download) Posthumously published London: Macmillan

Texts about or discussing Seeley edit

Date first published Title Author(s) Larger work? Location: Publisher Notes
1910 Nature and nurture, the problem of the future : a presidential address delivered by Karl Pearson at the annual meeting of the Social and Political Education League, April 28, 1910. Karl Pearson No London: Dulau & Co.
(Trans 1987)
Sir John Robert Seeley: a study of the historian Gustav Adolf Rein (German)
John L Herkless (English translation)
No Wolfeboro, N.H. : Longwood Press Rein was part of the Hamburg Colonial Institute and was subsequently involved with the expulsion of Jewish people from the University of Hamburg
1977 Idealism and the Study of History. The Development of the Historiography of Max Lenz. John L. Herkless (PhD. thesis) No University of Birmingham Discusses Seeley's impact on Max Lenz, also acknowledges help from Rein. Lenz also involved with the Hamburg Colonial Institute.
1980 Seeley and Ranke John L. Herkless The Historian Vol. 43, No. 1 (November 1980), pp. 1-22 Phi Alpha Theta
1980 Sir John Seeley and the uses of history Deborah Wormell No Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
1993 "Essay and Reflection: On Scotland and the Empire" John M. Mackenzie The International History Review, Vol. 15, No. 4 (Nov., 1993), pp. 714-739
1999 "A Virtual Nation: Greater Britain and the Imperial Legacy of the American Revolution" Eliga H. Gould The American Historical Review, Vol. 104, No. 2 (Apr., 1999), pp. 476-489 Oxford: Oxford University Press
2001 "Greater Britain or Greater Synthesis? Seeley, Mackinder, and Wells on Britain in the Global Industrial Era" Daniel Deudney Review of International Studies, Vol. 27, No. 2 (Apr., 2001), pp. 187-208 Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
2005 "Unity and Difference: John Robert Seeley and the Political Theology of International Relations" Duncan Bell Review of International Studies, Vol. 31, No. 3 (Jul., 2005), pp. 559-579 Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
2009 "England in the East" Metonymies of Absence in Charles Dilke's Greater Britain Duncan Bell Victorian Review, Vol. 35, No. 1 (Spring 2009), pp. 175-189 Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press "Dilke's argument is eclipsed in the popular imagination by J.R. Seeley's apologia, The Expansion of England (1883), which changes the terms, tone, and tenor of arguments for continued imperial expansion. Whereas Dilke might be characterized as the careful rationalist of empire, Seeley is the fervent jingoist.":188

Texts related to this discussion edit

Date first published Title Author(s) Larger work? Location: Publisher Notes
1869 Greater Britain: A Record of Travel in English-Speaking Countries During 1866-7 (pdf download) Charles Wentworth Dilke Two Volumes Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co.
London: Macmillan
Introduction by Henry Sedgwick
1890 Froudacity (online) John Jacob Thomas No Philadelphia: Gebbie and Company Response to James Anthony Froudes The English in the West Indies, by an African Caribbean writer. Froude went on to become the Regius Professor of History at Oxford University
Glimpses of the Ages Vol 1 (pdf download)
Glimpses of the Ages Vol 2 (pdfdownload)
Theophilus Scholes 2 Volumes London: J. Long
2008 "Racial Liberalism Charles W. Mills PMLA Vol. 123, No. 5, Special Topic: Comparative Racialization (Oct., 2008), pp. 1380-1397 Cambridge: Cambridge University Press