Decentralized autonomous organizations

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) a new form of social and economic organization enabled by blockchain technology, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies.

How to start a DAOEdit

There are multiple ways to start a decentralized autonomous organization. This is just one method.

Decide on a reason for a DAO and the functions that you want the DAO to serve.

Declare on social media that you want to start a DAO for a particular purpose.

Establish locations online and on social media where individuals can collaborate in the organization of the DAO.

Have a chief definite purpose for the DAO. Create definite plans of action to implement the goals of your DAO. Take decisive action to implement the plans. If the plans do not work create new definite plans of action and take immediate steps to implement those. Use creativity to continually create new plans. Keep implementing plans until your DAO is successful.

Discussion questionsEdit

  • What functions can DAOs potentially serve?
  • What sort of DAOs might you like to see established?
  • How can DAOs benefit society?
  • How are DAOs different in form from other organizational structures? How are they similar?



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