Czech Language/Months and Dates

What's the Date? edit

The following is a handy formula for expressing the date in Czech:

den, datum měsíc rok = (Week-)day, date month year.

Dates in Czech are little-endian. You'll note the month is not capitalised as it typically is in English. Furthermore the genitive case is used, because you're talking about the eleventh day of September, and not the eleventh September: thus -í becomes -ího and -y becomes -ého . The date is usually written as a numeral immediately followed by a period (.), indicating that it is an ordinal number.

As a final note, in the Czech Republic, most people express the shorthand date: DD.MM.YYYY.

For Example... edit

  • 5. října 1936 ("pátého října, devatenáct set třicet šest"): Václav Havel's birthdate.
  • 1. ledna 1993 ("prvního ledna, devatenáct set devadesát tři"): the "Velvet Divorce" leads to the creation of the Czech Republic.

Months in Czech edit

Czech is one of several languages that do not use the Latin names for months which are common in western Europe. Here are the months of the year in Czech:

1 leden

2 únor

3 březen

4 duben

5 květen

6 červen

7 červenec

8 srpen

9 září

10 říjen

11 listopad

12 prosinec

Seasons edit

roční období = seasons of the year
Season "in ..." Translation Months
jaro na jaře spring březen, duben, květen
léto v létě summer červen, červenec, srpen
podzim na podzim autumn září, říjen, listopad
zima v zimě winter prosinec, leden, únor

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